About Us

In 2017, Ajiang created a Facebook homepage "Office Ajiang" to share the Chinese amazing ceramic culture, which includes porcelain gaiwan, ceramic tea cups, teapots, Tenmoku Jian bowls, and so on.

Ajiang Facebook Homepage

In just a week after launching some posts about porcelain, Ajiang’s homepage had covered more than 10 million people on Facebook, and more than a million interactive posts, which fully indicates that people in the world are generally concerned about the cultural elements of Chinese porcelain.

Ceramic Factory and Products

At the same time, many fans have purchased tea sets with Chinese characteristics on our website. After receiving them, they also shared their joy with us through email or social media. In 2018, we received a fanatic fan of Chinese Jun Kiln porcelain from Singapore. So if you love Chinese tea culture and ceramics, why not follow us to enjoy more?

Longquan Ceramic Tea Set