Chinese Ruyao Ceramic Gaiwan Tea Set

Color: Pea-Green
Type: 1 Tea Pot and 2 Cups
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These ceramic gaiwan tea sets belong to Ru porcelain. Ru kiln ranked first among the five famous kilns of "Ru, Guan, Ge, Ding, and Jun" in the Song Dynasty in China. It is known among the people that "even if you have a lot of money, it is not as good as a piece of Ru porcelain".

Chinese Ruyao Ceramic Gaiwan Tea Set-1

Gaiwan is composed of a bowl, a saucer and a lid. Use the Gaiwan to make tea, it is simple and clear to see the color of the soup, distinguish the concentration, and observe the bottom of the leaves. Gaiwan is also known as "Sancai Gaiwan", the lid symbolizes the sky, the saucer symbolizes the earth, and the bowl symbolizes people, implying the harmony between heaven, earth and man.

The edge of this gaiwan is turned outwards, which is less likely to be hot compared to other gaiwan, and the water flow is smoother.

Chinese Ruyao Ceramic Gaiwan Tea Set-2

This gaiwan is also made using the crackle craft of Ru porcelain. These natural and interesting cracks of different sizes are the physical reaction during the firing process of Ru kiln. The delicate cracked texture on the surface of the gaiwan will gradually form natural tea stains after being nourished by tea for a period of time, the color is like golden threads, and the color of the lines formed by different teas is also different.

Chinese Ruyao Ceramic Gaiwan Tea Set

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