Jun Kiln Ceramic Gaiwan

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This ceramic gaiwan belongs to Jun kiln, which is famous for its unpredictable color changes. When it is fired into the fire, the glaze flows, the color changes naturally, and the kiln are full of colors, so you can't find two products with exactly the same color effect.

Jun Kiln Ceramic Gaiwan-size

The firing temperature of Jun kiln has reached between 1350°C and 1380°C. It inherits the characteristics of Jun kiln's fine body and brilliant glaze color, combined with modern aesthetics, the shape of gaiwan is plump and exquisite. 

Jun Kiln Ceramic Gaiwan

Gaiwan is composed of a bowl, a saucer and a lid. Use the Gaiwan to make tea, it is simple and clear to see the color of the soup, distinguish the concentration, and observe the bottom of the leaves. Gaiwan is also known as "Sancai Gaiwan", the lid symbolizes the sky, the saucer symbolizes the earth, and the bowl symbolizes people, implying the harmony between heaven, earth and man.

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